♪♬let it play♪♬. (hearts_stars_xo) wrote in malteselovers,
♪♬let it play♪♬.

my baby is 2 years old today so i thought i'd post

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Have you ever had him trimmed? My mother's dogs look like him before their bi monthly grooming and it just makes them look better after the groom. It also takes away the tear stains.
yeah we took him to PetSmart and he got fleas.
my mom cuts his hair, my bf clips him and cuts his tear stains every time he gets a bath and we all 3 comb him.
and i'm ordering some tear stain stuff.

i'm not sure if you actually meant to be rude, but i dont appreciate your comment at all. you seemed to be implying we dont know how to take care of him and i take offense to that
oh, no, I'm sorry. I wasn't meaning to be rude, I just tend to be tactless without realising it. :)
well then i retract my comment.
he's my baby and i just didnt want anyone mouthing him!

but yeah, ever since we took him there and that happened and seeing how HARSH they are with the dogs and also how they SHAVE Malteses, we're very wary about taking him to a professional. so we do as much as we can.
and i tend to take pics right before he gets all pretty for his baths lol.
makes for some pretty interesting hairdos :)
oh and we prefer the long hair
Awwwwwwwwwwwww he's the cutest thing ever :o)
aww thank you so much :)
yours is cute too!
I LOVE the graduation hat picture!
thanks, its my fave too :)
we had to hold it in place cause his head is soooo tiny :)
You need to cut the hair above his eyes it looks like he can hardly see half the time.
He's adorable though. Reminds me of my Sugar.
Youre keeping the long hair pretty nice.
he's getting groomed pretty soon. but its hard right now since my grandpa is having radiation every day and chemo once a week. so when that all over...

and trust me, he rubs ALOT. so his bangs are rarely ever in his face. he somehow parts them in the middle lol

and thanks :)
You mentioned the tear stains above, and I have also bought the tearstain solution and it didn't help me much but what did do the trick was making some tea (from a tea bag is fine, litpon etc) and when its warm use a cotton ball and wash underneath the eyes. There may be a little brown tint from the tea but wash it out and trim it up and after i did that a few times for my maltese she has had very very minimal tearstains! also in the morning you could wash with some water and that reduces the tear stains as well, hope that helped :] and by the way shadow is wayyy cute !
i'll have to try that :)

and thank you, i think so :)