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*Maltese Lovers*

~We love our Malteses~

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Welcome to the maltese lovers community!

Do you love malteses? If so, then this is the community for you! This community is dedicated to anything relating to malteses. You can post pictures of your maltese (large posts behind an lj cut, please!), ask questions to other maltese owners, share funny stories about your maltese, share show results for your maltese, and much more! Please note that you don't have to own a maltese to join this communtity!
As long as you love malteses, you are welcome to join!

Introducing your moderator, number1gerifan...
Hello everyone...
My name is Aviva and I'm an animal lover. I have 5 cats, a hamster, and a maltese (of course!). My maltese is named Romeo and that's him in the icon hehe.
I love him SO much ♥!!!

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