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Naughty Nazzy

Everyone else seems to do it, so to start off my post, I thought I would share: This is a picture of my baby when he was, well, a baby. : ) I confess I've always been a fan of big dogs, but when my S.O.'s cousin purchased Rabs I slowly fell in love with him. Now that my S.O. and I own him, I can't be any happier!

Introduction aside, I have two huge concerns I'd like to bring up and ask about. First is Rabs's flea problem. My S.O. and I live in central Florida and that's caused problems because our front door has such a large space between it and the floor, letting in all manner of bugs - including the dreaded flea. I keep thinking we've gotten a good hold on the problem (shampoo, spray, collars, etc) but each time the fleas come back, and worse than before. I can't seem to clean them off completely, let alone keep them away. Are there any brands that are better than most for Maltese, with their thin skin? I don't want to hurt him by constantly bathing him in these horrid, medicated soaps. : (

The second came about because of the first. I know Maltese have very delicate skin and dry out easily, but one can one do when said pup's skin gets flaked? I confess I don't much like seeking big-named websites for advice, as they often suggest brand name lotions, etc, that can be harmful to my baby. Anything you all as owners could suggest?
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