aLy (xosweetestsinxo) wrote in malteselovers,

My baby!

I got my baby, Roxy a couple weeks ago. She was a graduation gift. I didnt plan on getting a maltese but when I saw her I fell in love! She is so sweet and calm..loves to be held. She just turned 3 months today. Here is a couple pictures of her.

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Out playing on the grass

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Playing with her big brother.

Also, What do you guys do for tear stains on their eyes? I got this little pads from the pet store they seem to be working okay but just wondered if there is another solution. ONE more thing! I got some blue shampoo made for white dogs to keep them looking white and it works really good, just washed her today and she seems much brighter.
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She is SO CUTE! I wish my Maltese puppy was calm. I can't get her to hold still in my arms for anything!

Absolutely precious!
♥ Your mod.